About Us


'Golden Pillow 933 金枕頭, Serving Singapore’s First ‘Golden Pillow’ is a household brand that is well known to the locals in Singapore. 

Founder, Mr Tong Lee Song came a long way before starting off his golden experience. He first started his business as a roadside hawker in 1960s, upgraded to a coffee shop business in 1970s, and finally established Golden Pillow 933 in 1991.

With the desire to cater to all ages and functions, be it for the old or young, gathering among friends and families, Golden Pillow 933 bakes every bread with the finest pastry-quality wheat flour and butter. Using a traditional recipe, every aspect of the curry preparation is well thought, with the right amount of time and mix of quality spices for the curry.  Our golden pillow received worldwide recognition and praises even as faraway places as Germany. 

Uniquely designed to be soft like a pillow, our ‘Golden Pillow’ wraps its savoury curry while keeping the fragrant aroma in the loaf. Keeping our traditions alive as the society modernized. 

Sincere and passionate and maintaining its affordability. Golden Pillow 933 stands firm as a familiar comfort zone; from the pioneer generation to the new millenials.