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Chinese New Year Special

Prosperity "Poon Choi" 8~10 Person (Large) (Advanced Order) ** Free Desert **


Prosperity "Poon Choi" 6 Person (Medium) (Advanced Order) ** Free Desert **


  Prosperity Vegetarian Salmon Yu Sheng


ProsperityVegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng


  Prosperity Clams Yu Sheng


  Prosperity Abalone Fa Cai Yu Sheng


  Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng (10 Heads)


  Abalone with Mushroom and Broccoli (10 Heads)


Chef's Recommendation
Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun S$14.80
  Golden Pillow Curry Fish Bun S$14.80
  Golden Pillow Curry Mutton Bun S$17.80
Golden Pillow Abalone Curry Chicken Bun (Advanced Order) S$38.80
Ginseng Salted Chicken 人参盐炬鸡 S$28.80
Appetizers & Fried Dishes
Stewed Duck with Chestnuts (Half) 栗子焖鸭 S$20.00
Fried Pumpkin with Salted EGG Yolk 旦黄金瓜 S$12.00
Deep-Fried Prawns S$28.00
Prawns Fritter S$18.00
Curry Prawns S$28.00
Assam Prawns S$28.00
Prawns Salad S$18.00
Scallops & Vermicelli With Special Sauce S$20.00
Curry Fish Head S$25.00
Golden Sand Salted Prawns S$30.00
Sambal Petai With Mussels S$18.00
Curry Chicken S$50.00
Deep-Fried Squid Rings S$12.00
Crispy Bean Curd S$10.00
Sambal Chicken Drumsticks S$18.00
Braised Chicken Feet S$12.00
Spicy & Sour Clams S$14.00
Deep Fried Cod Fish With Special Sauce S$25.00
Promfret Fried With Sambal S$18.00
Promfret Fried With Sweet & Sour Sauce S$18.00
Vegetarian Spring Roll S$8.00
Fish Fillets with Sweet & Sour Sauce S$12.00
Black Pepper Fish Fillet S$12.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken S$12.00
Black Pepper Chicken S$12.00
Five Variety Dishes in Combination S$22.00
  Tom Yum Fish Cake S$10.00
Assam Fish Head S$25.00
Braised Fish Head S$25.00
Salad Fritters (10pcs) S$8.00
Seaweed Seafood Roll (10pcs) S$8.00
Fried Chicken Wanton (12pcs) S$8.00
Prawn & Chicken Roll (10pcs) S$8.00
Fried Chicken Wings 炸鸡翅膀 (6pcs) S$9.00
Beancurd with Garlic Sauce S$8.00
Sweet & Sour Bean Curd S$8.00
Mushrooms with Broccoli S$12.00
Bailing Mushrooms in Vegetable S$12.00
Mix Vegetable (Small/Big) S$12/S$22
Baby Pak Choi with Oyster Sauce S$8.00
Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce S$8.00
Fried Mee Siam (S=1Pax / M=3~4Pax / L=6~8Pax) S$5/S$12/S$20
Fried Rice (S=1Pax / M=3~4Pax / L=6~8Pax) S$5/S$12/S$20
Fried Mee Hoon (S=1Pax / M=3~4Pax / L=6~8Pax) S$5/S$12/S$20
  Plain Rice S$1.00
Fresh Garden Salad S$12.00
Beancurd Jelly with Longan 豆腐+龙眼 S$3.00
Crystal Jelly with Longan 仙草+龙眼 S$3.00
Yam Paste With Gingko Nut S$3.00
Herbal Cooling Tea S$2.00
Sour Plums With Chrysanthemum Tea S$2.00
Jasmine Green Tea S$2.30
Honey Green Tea S$2.80
Black Tea S$2.30
Honey Black Tea S$2.80
Winter Melon Tea S$2.30
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.80
Longan Red Date Tea S$2.80
Special Flower Tea S$2.80
Wolfberries Flower Tea S$2.80
Milk Tea
Original Milk Tea S$2.80
Taro Milk Tea S$2.80
Hokkaido Milk Tea S$3.30
Cocoa Milk Tea S$3.80
Japanese Mocha Roasted Milk Tea S$3.80
Special Roasted Milk Tea S$4.30
Fruit Tea
Lemon Tea S$2.80
Lime Plum Tea S$2.80
Ume Plum Fruit Tea S$2.80
Passion Fruit Tea S$2.80
Peach Fruit Tea S$2.80
Special Mix Fruit Tea S$3.30
Current Promotion:


1. Order 10 buns above, entitle 10% discount. (T&C Apply)
2. 10% Discount for self collection (Any amount purchase). Not applicable for "Promotion Item"
3. Free 1 set of Prosperity Vegetarian Salmon Yu -- Sheng with Every 10 sets of Prosperity Yu Sheng ordered.
--> 3. Buy 5 Bubble tea get 1 free.

Terms & Conditions for DISCOUNT:
- The management reserves the right to change, amend or cancel the term and condition without prior notice.

- Operating Hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm
- Monday to Sunday & Public Holidays
- Delivery hours: 11 am - 10 pm
- Minimum 1 hours notice required
- Minimum order S$18.00 Required
- Free delivery above S$200 Nett
- S$3.50 delivery charges apply for order below S$200 Nett
- Minimum order S$30 for delivery to NeoTiew, Old Lim Chu Kang Road,Lim Chu Kang Tuas. Central Business District. (Postal code start with 01/03/04/05/06/07/08/17/18/19/22/23.)
- S$5 delivery charges apply for every order on 24th dec , 25th dec, 31st dec , 1st jan , eve of CNY and CNY Public Holidays. (applicable for order below $200 Nett)
- Payment by CASH ONLY.
- All items and delivery charge must add 7% GST
- T&C are subjected to change without prior notice.


We are closed on the 1st day of CHINESE NEW YEAR.

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